Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Skin: The Truth

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Skin: The Truth

Most people would run after something labelled as organic. Moreover, people would run after something dubbed as natural. Coconut oil is indeed organic and it is also all-natural – one of the purest substance there is. However, when choosing coconut oil for your body, be sure that it is indeed organic. Some coconut oil might be processed and added with synthetic chemicals to enhance the product, or preservatives to make it last.

Coconut oil is indeed a unique substance by itself. It is plant-based oil that is solid and white at room temperature – often called as coconut butter – and clear oil when melted farther down the level wherein it will not have the ability to regain back into solid form – in a form known as coconut oil. Coconut oil scores high in saturated fats – making it irresistibly nourishing to the skin. Coconut oil’s texture is different from baby oil or any kind of oil, since it is heavier and with a thicker consistency. The feature helps coconut oil lock in moisture in the skin. Moisture is often lost through heat, sweat, pollution, exposure to UV rays and much more. Coconut oil traps water to the pores by its thick texture. Since water salts are insoluble to oil, skin moisture is locked up tight in your pores – thus preventing skin dryness and chapping.

To add, coconut oil is chock full of healing ingredients as well as hydrating substance that will definitely replenish back moisture into the skin. However, coconut oil doesn’t act like usual oils that tend to clog up pores. Skin produces sebum and the natural oil often invites dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria to thrive. When dirt, grime, or any foreign body gets clogged up at the pores, the pore becomes inflamed – and a pimple is born. However, coconut is not like any ordinary oil that hoards dirt deep into the pores, it has an anti-infective property that helps rid the skin of bacteria, makeup, dirt, and grime.


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