How to Apply BB Cream: 10 Tips

how-to-apply-bb-creamHow to apply bb cream properly? Be more confident and gogeous! Check out these ten tips:

1. Dot on face. BB cream application is as simple as one, two, three. However, people need a good tutorial sometimes to maximize the wondrous effects of BB cream. BB cream is more expensive compared to normal foundation and it offers much more credible coverage than ordinary powders. Although it may be applied like an ordinary cream but makeup experts and gurus are making it much easier through these easy steps. Dot BB cream on face. Make sure you space it equally without missing or making a wide “bald spot”.

2. With your two fingers, evenly blend into skin. Use upward motions to help distribute BB cream all over your face.

3. Don’t forget to apply BB cream on hard to reach areas. It is important to apply BB cream underneath your eyes – where eyebags are commonly located. It is important to provide coverage on these areas as the presence of an eyebag or dark circle can be disturbing.

how-to-apply-bb-cream-estee4. Don’t forget to put some in your neckline. Don’t focus on your face too much. If you put a lot on your face and nothing on your neck, you’d have the “ghost” effect – where your face is lighter than your neck.

5. Add extra dots to areas where you need more coverage.

6. Pat into selected areas to get more coverage. The key is blending. Simply even out BB cream all over face.

7. To add more coverage or to cover up major blemishes, simply use a concealer. Dab a small cotton applicator and apply to area. Smoothen it out and add in BB cream.

8. Set with powder if needed. Powder is known to be the finishing touch in BB cream application. Simply use a kabuki brush to distribute powder all over face.

how-to-apply-bb-cream-spf309. Use additional makeup to improve your overall look. You can use a bronzer or blush on to emphasize your cheek bone. Moreover, you can also use a highlighter to soften your features.

10. At any time of the day, if you’re confident that you are using a reliable BB cream, you can touch up with powder. Use a kabuki brush to distribute powder all over face. Touch up with a bronzer or highlighter to put in color to your face. Top it off with a glassy lipstick or a jet black mascara to improve your overall look. Moreover, style your hair, wear the appropriate accessories. Wear the clothing of your choice. BB cream is one way of improving your overall skin look.

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