What Does Salicylic Acid Do to Acne? Top 10 Facts

what-does-salicylic-acid-do-to-acneWhat does salicylic acid do to acne? Salicylic acid is one of the most effective anti-acne products there is. Now, what is the exact process that salicylic acid does? Here are the facts.

Acne is, undeniably, every person’s worst facial nightmare. Acne is prevalent among adolescents, prepubescent people, and even adults – age groups that find physical appearance a very important priority in life. Conventional washing and cleansing might not be enough. Now, what about salicylic acid? Is salicylic acid really effective in treating acne? What does salicylic acid do to acne? Here are the facts.

1. First and foremost, salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent. In short, salicylic acid is a “peeling agent”.

2. By peeling, salicylic acid induces exfoliation. Exfoliation is the best method to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, makeup, and other unwanted debris on the skin.

3. Salicylic works by softening the outermost layer of the skin – and stripping it off of unwanted tissues and other foreign bodies under the pores and in the skin.

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4. Exfoliation is supposedly an important regimen in daily life. It allows the dead skin cells to be removed and replaced by new skin. Exfoliation allows you to reveal – that below dead skin cells – is a vibrant, youthful, flawless, and healthier skin that’s worth revealing.

5. Salicylic acid is the treatment of choice for pimples, seborrhea, dandruff, and many more skin ailments.

6. When it comes to pimples, salicylic acid is incorporated in some soap-based cleansers to remove as much dirt as it is possible. Dirt can sometime clog pores – which can result to acne.

7. The exact cause of acne is not known. However, constant skin hygiene is important. However, such measures cannot be taken usually. You cannot wash your face three times a day if you’re busy at work. Thus, you need to utilize protective measures – such as that of salicylic acid.


8. As a keratolytic, it allows the outermost layer of the skin to slough off. When that happens, a lot of debris will be removed as well and clogged pores will become unclogged.

9. To add, salicylic acid allows a protective barrier that will protect the skin from future unwanted debris to stay on the skin. Salicylic is also an acid – which allows the skin to achieve its proper pH to ward off unwanted organisms that may want to thrive on skin.

10. Salicylic acid is a good medication to use. There’s no drawback to it since salicylic acid is freely incorporated in most moisturizers and soap-based cleansers. Now, what does salicylic acid do to acne? It keeps it at bay.

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