Can You Put Lotion on Your Scalp? 10 Facts

Can you put lotion on your scalp? Scalp is skin too. It also demands the proper attention like skin in other parts of your body has.

Why would you need to put lotion on your scalp? Everyone puts lotion on their skin. Lotion is good since it hydrates the skin, gives it the needed vitamins and minerals, as well as keeps the skin soft and supple. Now, is it okay to put lotion in your hair? Scalp is slightly more sensitive than your skin. It is also riddled with hair follicles. Dry scalp often leads to dandruff, hair breakage, and even alopecia. Here are ten important facts to the question: can you put lotion on your scalp?

1. If you try to look at your skin and your scalp, you’ll find that it is way different in terms of look and feel. The scalp is riddled with hair follicles.

2. Why does dandruff occur? Dandruff happens when the scalp does not have the enough moisture to keep it all intact. When the skin does not have enough moisture, it begins to chap, flake, itch, and you’ll soon see dandruff falling over your shoulder.

3. Will lotion help? Although the skin and scalp may be different but it is still made up of epithelial cells – both similar in any way.

4. How to apply lotion? You may use a cloth to rub it in your scalp. Choose a hypoallergenic lotion just to be sure you won’t get any allergic reaction or exacerbation of dandruff.

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5. Sometimes, you also need to be careful with the shampoo you choose. Too much suds can lead to dandruff.

6. A harsh ingredient known as sodium lauryl in shampoo can sap away all the moisture in your hair and scalp, making it prone to dandruff and damage. So it is best to choose a moisturizing shampoo without the said ingredient.

7. After applying lotion, you can brush your hair with a soft hairbrush. Leave it overnight and rinse it upon waking up.

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8. You can always repeat the procedure anytime you want. Just make sure to use a lotion that is not irritating to your skin.

9. You can also use baby oil or hair oil and rub it in your scalp. The oil can help lock in moisture so that it wouldn’t be easily lost.

10. Lastly, choose a dependable anti-dandruff shampoo. Top it off with a moisturizing conditioner. If symptoms continue to persist, you can consult a dermatologist for that. Now, can you put lotion on your scalp? Yes, you definitely can.

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