What is Rosehip Seed Oil Good for? 10 Facts

what-is-rosehip-seed-oil-good-forWhat is rosehip seed oil good for? If you want the calming and relaxing feel of herbal goodness, rosehip seed oil is your best option. Here are ten amazing facts.

Rosehip seed oil has always existed in the long list of ingredients in most beauty products. Throughout the years, however, its popularity has not yet gone mainstream – not until Victoria Secret babe Miranda Kerr spilled out her top beauty secret. Rosehip oil and rosehip seed oil are both derived from the plant Rosa rubiginosa – simple rose for that matter. Don’t confuse or use the two interchangeably, each are used differently. When it comes to uses of rosehip seed oil, here are ten colourful facts about the question: what is rosehip seed oil good for?

1. As mentioned, rosehip seed oil and rosehip oil are different from each other although both are derived from the same plant. Rose hip oil is made from the rose’s flower petals while rosehip seed oil is made from the fruit of the said plant.

2. How would you know if the oil you’re holding on to now is rosehip oil or rosehip seed oil? Open the bottle and smell the oil. If it smells like a rose, it is rosehip oil. Meanwhile, if it has a coffee, or earthy smell, you’re holding on a bottle of rosehip seed oil.

3. When it comes to roots, rosehip is native to Chile and the oil is also known as rosa mosqueta oil. Chile is also the largest producer of rosehip oil.

what-is-rosehip-seed-oil-good-for-organic4. When it comes to benefits, rosehip oil is known to have the powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, as well as fatty acids aimed to giving you a softer, smoother skin in a matter of days.

5. Apart from being an effective moisturizer, the product is also known to fade out pigmentations, blemishes, and cure cells from most common skin ailments.

6. Rosehip oil is also known to calm skin from irritation, inflammation, itching, and many more.

7. It also has the power to stimulate collagen production to reduce the signs of skin aging.

8. When it comes to scars, prominent marks and fine lines, rosehip oil has healing properties that deeply hydrate the skin to make it soft, supple, and moisturized.

what-is-rosehip-seed-oil-good-for-benefits9. Although it is terms as “oil” but rosehip is one of the lightest, non-greasy moisturizers there is. Heavy oils include shea butter and jojoba oil.

10. Rosehip oil is your all-in-one beauty regimen. It has the ability to lighten skin, remove pigmentations, flatten scars, reduce acne, and moisturize your skin. What is rosehip seed oil good for? A lot actually.

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