When Was The First Breast Implant? Top 10 Facts

when-was-the-first-breast-implantWhen was the first breast implant? If you aren’t blessed with an appropriate bust size and want to increase it, here are some facts to know before you undergo the big knife.

Women, throughout the years, have been extremely conscious of their physical appearance. Moreover, just like the male alter ego, men want to look as masculine as he possibly can. Same goes for women, femininity always reflect back to physical characteristics that a woman has – and breasts became a huge issue. After that a deluge of breast-increasing products came to existence as well as surgical interventions. Here are breast augmentation stories as well as answer to the question: when was the first breast implant?

1. Breast implant is a surgical procedure wherein silicone breast prosthetics are inserted between the skin and breast tissue. Breast implant is a reconstruction procedure, more like an augmentation.

2. A lot of women, and even men, undergo such procedure especially in places where a cup D breast size is a must.

3. When it comes to roots, this procedure dated back as early as the 19th century specifically 1895 when surgeon Vincenz Czerny first performed the procedure using the patient’s autologous fat tissue. The doctor used the patient’s benign lipoma – an abnormal, non-cancerous over growth of fat tissue in an area in the body – and used it to repair the asymmetry of the patient’s breasts.

4. Since the first breast operation, a lot of doctors began thinking of more ways to do surgeries for aesthetic purposes.

when-was-the-first-breast-implant-herbal-soap5. In 1889, another doctor by the name of Robert Gersuny used paraffin injections to increase breast size. However, the experiment created disastrous consequences.

6. Another revolutionary operation was during 1945 when doctors Berson and Maliniac did a flap-based augmentation by revolving the chest wall of the patient to increase breast size.

7. The first successful operation with the use of silicone was in 1961 by doctors Cronin and Gerow together with the Dow Corning Corporation wherein the group used silicone prosthesis to increase breast size.

8. After the first successful breast augmentation, a new product emerged known as the Cronin-Gerow implant in 1962.

9. After the first silicone product came another product came out too. The saline-filled implant proved to be more safer than the silicone filled ones.

when-was-the-first-breast-implant-cream10. In today’s time, there are two types of implants like saline-filled implant and silicone gel implant. The road to breast augmentation had its ups and downs but without the risks made by certain doctors, they wouldn’t have discovered the possibility of increasing breast size. This answers the question: when was the first breast implant made.

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