Is Olive Oil Good for Your Scalp? Top 10 Facts

Is olive oil good for your scalp? Olive oil has a lot of uses – may it be in the kitchen, in the living room, or simply in the shower when you shampoo your hair.

is-olive-oil-good-for-your-scalpOlive oil is not your conventional cartoon character Olive Oyl or Mrs. Popeye or a symbolic figure of hope and peace. Olive oil is oil derived from olives – best known as monounsaturated oil with a prominent flavour that is distinctively from olives. When it comes to Extra Virgine de Olivia, olive oil is a rare find but the benefits of this particular oil are unmistakably endless. Is olive oil good for dry scalp? Here are ten must read facts about the question: is olive oil good for your scalp.

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Scalp? Facts 1-3

1. Going Mediterranean? The Meditterranean diet boasts the use of olive oil as one of the secrets in the diet. Olive oil is packed with benefits for the body, both internally and externally.

2. When it comes to damaged hair, olive oil has deep moisturizing powers that can bring the lost moisture back to your mane.

3. When is the best season to apply olive oil? Dry and frizzy hair usually happens during extremes in weather. You absolutely need a bottle of olive oil during winter season or summer – times of the year where temperature, climate, and weather are at its roughest and most damaging to hair.

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Scalp? Facts 4-7

is-olive-oil-good-for-your-scalp-okay4. How to apply olive oil? Simply knead the product deep into your scalp and hair.

5. How much olive oil is needed? A tablespoon of olive oil is enough to bring back volume to your mane.

6. What are other specifications? According to hair expert deJong, swathe your oiled mane with a sturdy shower cap and leave for thirty minutes to an hour. The length of time allows the oil to seep deep into your hair follicles for the much needed magic it gives.

7. Use a hydrating shampoo after oiling your hair. After thirty minutes to an hour, rinse and shampoo with a dependable moisturizing shampoo.

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Scalp? Facts 8-10

8. Avoid using shampoos that make a lot of suds. Such shampoos score high in sodium lauryl – a chemical used in most shampoos that causes dry and frizzy hair.

is-olive-oil-good-for-your-scalp-healthy9. Settle on a shampoo that does not make a lot of suds but lock moisture in. You can use olive oil treatment daily or whenever you like. There’s no downside to olive oil since it can cure damaged hair with prolonged use.

10. Olive oil is one of the best things discovered in the planet. It holds the many secrets to rejuvenation, youth, and health. When it comes to the question: is olive oil good for your scalp? Yes it definitely is.

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