Does Cocoa Butter Fade Acne Scars?


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Of all natural home remedies, cocoa butter might be something you will never think of as an acne treatment. Cocoa butter is a fatty substance made form cocoa beans. Although predominantly used in confectionery and cooking, is also a premier ingredient in most cosmetic products. It is so rich in fatty acid and moisturizers that it can replenish back lost moisture into the skin. Moreover, it has also the ability to restore and stimulate the production of collagen to fade out scars and rejuvenate the skin.

How to apply cocoa butter? You can’t just smother it into your face overnight, you need to follow a procedure to make your treatment regimen effective. Prior application, wash your face with a good exfoliant. Salicylic acid and cleansers with beads are beneficial since it allows small micro beads to penetrate through tough pores and clean it from the inside. You may also use a soft scrub to remove the outermost layer of the skin.

After cleansing, obtain a small pea size amount of cocoa butter and apply it to the affected area. Before applying any other lotion, apply cocoa butter first. Massage in a circular manner until the substance is well distributed.

Cocoa butter is intensely hydrating and the oily consistency allows moisture to lock in. If you use other moisturizers, simply apply it on face after applying cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is also available in lotion. However, make sure that the concentration is 100% and without other synthetic added chemicals.

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