Causes of Liver Spots on Hands

liver-spots-hands-causesWhat causes liver spots on hands? Liver spots are not your conventional warning sign that you’re getting old. In fact, some persons have liver spots as early as 20. Here are things you need to know.

What causes liver spots on hands? Essentially, liver spots are brownish flat spots that you often see on areas that are usually exposed to sunlight. However, people would tend to ask. Is there any connection between liver spots and my liver? Are liver spots an abnormality? If you’re Caucasian and you tend to go out in the sun, chances are you’re at risk for liver spots. There’s no connection between any internal function with liver spots. How to treat age spots on hands anyway? What causes liver spots on hands?

First and foremost, there’s a high prevalence rate of liver spots among elder people. Moreover, liver spots are also often seen among people frequently exposed to sun. There are insights that liver spots are caused by intense UV light. However, dermatologists relate the condition to causes that are still unknown – even today.

When it comes to the older population, liver spots are prevalent among people aged 40 and above. Such spots are often seen in areas that are often exposed to sunlight such as the face, arms, back, shoulders, and even at the back of hands. Liver spots do not pose any danger and it does not have any underlying internal threat. Dermatologists believe, that liver spots are a normal response of the skin to UV exposure.

How to identify a liver spot? Liver spots are flat. Meanwhile, raised spots can be related to moles or warts. Liver spots are usually light brown in color and are usually located in areas usually exposed to sunlight. How can you be sure that it is a liver spot? Your doctor can confirm the diagnosis but he can also refer you to have a skin biopsy if your spot looks irregular.  When it comes to treatment, you can definitely live with your liver spots. It’s not a problem and doesn’t look weirdly disturbing like that of zits. However, if you want to have flawless skin, you can purchase moisturizing lotion or whitening creams – like Meladerm – to remove such skin discoloration. Some people use bleaching creams but bleach has hydroquinone that can be irritating to skin. Aside from lotions, creams, and exfoliating products, other forms of treatment are cryotherapy and laser treatment.

Nevertheless, prevention is still better than cure. It is still best to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. If you need to be out in the sun, you may want to wear a dependable sunblock with an SPF of 30 and above. Now, if you know what causes liver spots on hands, then it may be best to prevent it.

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