Best 5 Brick Red Lipstick

Brick red lipstick? Here are the top-rated picks for you. In a recent survey regarding women and makeup, most women find lipstick as an irresistible and inseparable need in their purse or bag.

When choosing the perfect brick red blend to flatter your overall look, here are the top five a-listers that you’ll definitely need.

What is the best brick red lipstick? In a recent survey regarding women and makeup, most women find lipstick as an irresistible and inseparable need in their purse or bag. Moreover, women are very particular in the shades they wear. Lipstick can have a lot of undertones, hues, and colors and women always pair the color of their lipstick with their overall look: the color of their clothing, the theme of the event, the lighting in the place they’ll go to, and what fits them best. There’s also a fraction of women who tend to stick on the same lipstick color that flatters their own skin color. Now, for starters, how to choose a red lipstick anyway? What is the best brick red lipstick for women?

best--brick-red-lipstick5. Hourglass. Emma Stone is the new ambassadress for this particular product. It shows a fiery red that can be worn perfectly during night outs and disco nights. However, it has the cosiness of brick red that be worn perfectly during the daytime as well. This particular red goes well with fair people and blonde highlights – just like Emma Stone but nevertheless, it can fit any woman.

top-rated-brick-red-lipstick4. Covergirl. Covergirl in Hot is the newest craze. It’s a velvety scarlet-brick color that works best during daylight or nightlight. It’s not in deep red, so women can wear it anyway they want. This particular color helped Angelina Jolie rock her outfit in a recent red carpet event.

3. Chanel. Zoe Saldana flaunted this classic red color with cat’s eye makeup and petite outfit. With this particular color, you don’t need much dazzle or complicated hairstyle, the color simply stands out. This lipstick has a orange-red deep tone what works well for fair skin and dark skin.

2. Giorgio Armani. This particular lipstick might sound classy and expensive. It has been recently worn by sophisticated woman-of-the-world Julianne Moore, Giorgio Armani in Rouge is the perfect red brick lipstick that works perfectly for fair women as well as women with dark skin. It has a soft color neither too light nor too dark.


#1 Best Seller. MAC in Russian Red. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

1. MAC in Russian Red. MAC, undeniably, is probably the most popular lipstick in this generation. This lipstick in Russian red resembles a perfect brick red that’s deep enough but just right. This particular hue was worn by singer Rihanna and rocked this lipstick by wearing her wavy hair down and paired it with an equally brick-red dress. This is the best brick red lipstick.

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