Is Tretinoin Good for Acne? Top 10 Facts

tretinoin-cream-gel-good-really-effective-bad-acne-scarsThere are many ways how tretinoin cream works for acne. In fact, tretinoin is said to be good in eliminating acne and acne scars in any part of the body. But what makes it effective against acne? Retinol is the answer.

To begin with, there are many remedies for acne and acne scars; however, tretinoin is the most commonly used and most recommended by many skin experts worldwide. In fact, it’s more recommended than other remedies for most skin problems, not just acne. As mentioned, there are various ways how tretinoin cream works for acne removal. Although it is said that the results of using tretinoin cream cannot be seen instantly, it can remove acne and acne scars as long as it is used consistently and properly. To help you be informed, below are some facts that might answer your question, “Is tretinoin good for acne?”

1. One of the main ingredients found in most tretinoin creams is Retinol. And when we speak about Retinol, we know it’s effective against almost all skin problems.

2. Using tretinoin when solving acne problems does more than just removing acne. In fact, tretinoin enhances the quality of the skin where the tretinoin is applied by making skin cells livelier.

tretinoin-cream-gel-good-effective-bad-acne-scars3. Tretinoin is commonly used in laser surgeries to remove acne. This practice has been used by several surgeons who believe tretinoin is good and effective.

4. Tretinoin is also used to enhance vision. In fact, Retinol is said to be good for the eyes.

5. Aside from eliminating acne, tretinoin can also eliminate pimples, scars and dark spots.

6. Tretinoin can also equalize skin tone.

7. Tretinoin is also a good moisturizer for the skin.


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8. Tretinoin is good in protecting the skin from the dangerous rays of the sun.

9. Tretinoin is also a good source of Vitamin E which keeps the skin healthy.

10. Tretinoin can also delay the effects of skin aging.

There are many ways how tretinoin cream works for acne removal and how it can keep the skin healthy. It’s only the question of how you use consistently and properly apply tretinoin to your skin.

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