What to Put on Sunburned Lips? Top 7 Tips

What to put on sunburned lips? When you’d had too much beach fun in the sun, here’s what to do when you’ve sunburned your skin and lips.

What to put on sunburned lips? There is a huge difference between sunburned skin and sunburned lips. Lips are a part of your mucous membrane; it does not have consistency like that of your skin. In short, lips are far more sensitive than skin. For people, they can only notice they’ve been sunburned when they’ve seen their burned skin in front of a mirror. Sunburned lips, meanwhile, can be easily felt by people with the excruciating pain it may give. Sunburned lips can be easily irritated. It may go swollen in a few minutes and it may go red all over. Now, how to treat sunburned lips? Prevention will always be better than cure; here are seven tips on what to put on sunburned lips.

1. Don’t panic when your lips look like it had a bolus injection of botox. A sign that your lips are sunburned is that it swells a lot. Another sign is that it is chapped and looks like it’s dying to have a taste of water. The moment you see these signs, head for the nearest shed and stop all the sun exposure.

2. Don’t fan. Don’t just fan your burned skin and lips, go to the nearest air conditioned room. You need to drastically reverse the effects of sunburn. You may put some ice or ice bag – a safe application – to your burned skin. Don’t pour copious amount of water since it may cause your skin to swell. Put ice in as little as 5 minutes, don’t overdo it.

what-put-sunburned-lips3. Take aspirin. Sunburn is the inflammation of skin after serious UV damage. Aspirin is important since it reverses inflammation.

4. Pour a glass of whole milk on the affected part. Milk is better than water since it enhances cellular turnover and increase the healing rate of your skin.

5. Another effective remedy is tea, simply pack a spray bottle of black tea in your bag before going out to the beach. Black tea has tannic acid to soothe skin.

6. To prevent the appearance of painful blisters, it is important to lower down your skin’s pH by applyin apple cider vinegar to the affected part. If it’s too strong for you, dilute it with water and keep it handy in a spray bottle.

sunburned-lips-prevention-cure7. Prevention is far better than cure, so pack a large amount of petroleum jelly on your bag. Moreover, there are a lot of lip glosses and lip balms with an SPF of 20 and above. What to put on sunburned lips? Put on the emergency applications first then top it all with petroleum jelly.

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