How to Wear Red Lipstick to School? Top 7 Tips

how-wear-red-lipstick-schoolHow to wear red lipstick to school? It’s not against the rules if you observe the laws of fashion. Here are seven tips to get you straight A’s in the fashion world.

How to wear red lipstick to school? Red lipstick, nonetheless, screams a “look at me” look. Undeniably, it is an obvious color. If you wear an orange undertone it will be more obvious than the dark brown ones. Moreover, if you have fair white skin, you’ll be a certified head-turner with that whimsical color. Now, is red lipstick too much for school? Here are seven easy ways on how to wear red lipstick to school.

1. Its not just about the lipstick. Unless you’re enrolled in a Catholic school that says recommends a dress code – and even a face code at all times. Of course, if you’re studying in a university, there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you’re really conscious about your look, then pair your red lipstick with something subtle – like a petite hairdo or a conservative dress.

2. Although red lipstick has that quintessential sexy seductive look, one important fact is to choose the right lipstick for you. Visit a cosmetic store and try out what kind of lipstick settles comfortably on your skin.


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3. Pick the right undertone that works well with your skin color. Orange reds to yellow works best for those have olive skin or those who tan easily. For people with pale skin, on the other hand, goes better with blue undertones. Moreover, it is important to pick a color that works well with the lighting.

4. In terms of lighting, try on a lipstick color that goes with the usual lighting you are often exposed with. If you’re always out on the field, try on a lipstick that’s subtle and toned down. If you’re often exposed to office light, then you can use a shade that’s dark and evident.

5. A berry tone fuchsia works best during daytime. Meanwhile, if you really want to tone down during the daytime, you can try a sheer texture that’s see through.

how-wear-red-lipstick-school-tips6. Before application, it is important that you take good care of your lips first. You need to moisturize it often, exfoliate occasionally, and regularly apply on a lip balm and lip products that have sun protection.

7. Apply on a sufficient amount of lipstick, and then use a tissue to tone it down. There’s nothing wrong with red lipstick at school. It is often an admirable act that you’re doing an effort to look your best. It is important not to be conscious about your makeup. Rather, be proud that you are beautiful inside and out and never forget academics too. That is how to wear red lipstick to school.

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