Where Does Retinol Come From? Top 10 Facts

where-does-retinol-come-fromDo you have any idea as to where does Retinol come from? For skin experts, Retinol is said to be one of the best remedies against any skin problems. In fact, Retinol is one of the recommended medications compared to other medicines for skin problems.

To begin with, what is Retinol? Retinol is a form of alcohol. And when we speak of alcohol, its main function is to clean. Aside from being a good remedy to various skin problems, Retinol is good in enhancing the functions of the eyes. But what exactly makes up Retinol? Where does Retinol come from and how Retinol was discovered? Basically, Retinol came as an animal form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A was first discovered in 1913 when it was found in liver oil and butterfat. Vitamin A was officially introduced 1947 and Retinol is just one of its forms. Retinol nowadays has many forms and uses. Below are some facts about Retinol that you might need to know:

1.  Retinol can change its form according how it is needed. It can be converted as Retinal for the eyes or Retinoic acid which is helpful in maintaining a healthy skin.

2.  Retinol is good for the immune system. Being a form of Vitamin A, Retinol helps regenerate cells and strengthens the defense mechanisms of the body.

where-does-retinol-come-from-history3.  Retinol is also good in forming red blood cells for this is one of the primary functions of Vitamin A.

4.  Retinol, as a form of Vitamin A, also contributes to the growth of the human body.

5.  When there is a deficiency in Retinol, your vision may be affected and your skin will be more prone to skin problems.

6.  All Vitamin A forms have Retinol. Retinol is also found is foods that are high in Vitamin A.

7.  Retinol can also be a good remedy for night blindness.

8.  Retinol can also be found in all animal livers.

9.  Some dairy products also contain Retinol such as milk and cheese.

where-does-retinol-come-from-origin10. Retinol also helps in normal growth of bones and teeth.

Now that you know where does Retinol come from, you might want to increase your intake of Retinol. It doesn’t only help your vision and skin. Retinol also makes you healthy and strong.

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