Is Lemon Juice Bad For Your Hair? Top 10 Facts

is-lemon-juice-bad-for-your-hairIs lemon juice bad for your hair? Lemon juice has a lot of benefits for the body but what can it do for the hair? Here are ten facts.

Is lemon juice bad for your hair? Lemon juice has given promising effects to skin. It is known to be a good exfoliant with chemicals that enhance cellular turnover. However, what does lemon do to your hair? If you want to tone your hair color a bit – like getting highlights on your hair, or taking care of highlights on your hair – lemon is the cheapest as well as the best ingredient to use. Now, what does lemon juice do to your hair? Here are some facts to answer the question: is lemon juice bad for your hair?

1. Lemon juice is not just cheap – it is one of the best treatments to skin and hair.

2. If you want to put highlights on your hair without the expensive salon treatment, use lemon juice.

is-lemon-juice-really-bad-for-your-hair3. To make cheap highlights, simply combine lemon juice with hair conditioner. Apply and comb through strands. Take a seat under the sun for a few hours, enjoy a glass of lemon juice, and wash hair afterwards.

4. Repeat the application for once a week and expect that your hair will be lighter per application.

5. Lemon juice is also good to strengthen the strands of your hair. Lemon juice will also strengthen the hair cuticle.

6. To strengthen your hair strands, simply combine coconut oil – olive oil or honey – with lemon juice. Don’t apply sole lemon juice onto hair as it may damage it. Apply with moisturizer.

is-lemon-juice-really-bad-for-hair7. Apply coconut oil with lemon juice – honey and lemon juice or olive oil and lemon juice – on hair for at least once a week. You may gradually increase it as desired.

8. When it comes to dry scalp, lemon juice is also a soothing answer. Simply apply lemon juice with moisturizer and massage onto scalp.

9. In terms of dandruff, lemon juice is very helpful. Mix lemon juice with raw honey and apply onto scalp. Massage and rinse off afterwards. Do this repeatedly every week until results are obtained.

10. Lemon juice is a very versatile fruit. It is a good exfoliant to the skin and is a soothing moisturizer to hair. If you want cheap highlights, lemon juice is also good for you. Lemon juice provides an answer to a lot of skin and hair dilemmas such as dandruff, dry scalp, oily skin, and chapped lips. Now, is lemon juice bad for your hair? No, it isn’t actually.

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