What Does Hydroquinone Do To Your Skin? Top 10 Facts

what-does-hydroquinone-do-to-your-skinWhat does hydroquinone do to your skin? If you drastically want to change your skin color overnight, this is the chemical for you. However, be warned about the drastic effects this chemical hold.

What does hydroquinone do to your skin? Hydroquinone is a regular ingredient in bleach. People tend to bleach their skin to get immediate results. Bleach contains potent chemicals that burns the skin and literally “bleaches” it to a lighter color. However, with the lightening effect of bleach, comes a staggering downpour of side effects. There were a lot of people who complained about itching, burning sensation in the skin accompanied by the appearance of blisters, rashes, irritation, and inflammation. Now, what particular ingredient in bleach is responsible? Here are the benefits and side effects of hydroquinone together with the answer to the question: what does hydroquinone do to your skin?

1. Hydroquinone does not only limit the production of melanin in the skin – it decreases it. Melanin is the brown pigmentation in skin.

2. Hydroquinone has the powerful ability to lighten skin, fade spots, pigmentation, freckles, melasma, chloasma, and other kinds of pigmentation in the skin. The success rate is also a hundred percent. However, there’s a downside to it.

how-fast-does-hydroquinone-work3. The ingredient in bleach known as hydroquinone has been linked to the thousands or even millions of tragic stories wherein their skin has gone for the worst after they had applied such product.

4. Although banned in certain parts in the world, there are still some countries that are open to the use of hydroquinone. One determining factor in the tragic stories of hydroquinone users was that they were not completely informed on the proper usage of the product.

5. It is important not to bleach – or use hydroquinone for that matter – when your skin is recently sunburned or is chapped, dry, or has an open wound. Skin becomes sensitive after first application of the chemical and exposure to other chemical/mechanical hazards can cause allergic reactions and inflammation to your skin.

6. It is also prohibited to use other skin products while on hydroquinone treatment. By skin products, it includes harsh soaps, cleansers, hair dye, wax, astringent, and – sad to say – almost everything else.

hydroquinone-cream-2-side-effects7. What users also didn’t know is that hydroquinone should be used to a minimum, alternated in four month cycles with kojic, alpha arbutin, and much more. The sad thing is that users tend to focus on solely using only hydroquinone for the time duration.

8. Hydroquinone should not be used with benzoyl peroxide.

9. Any exposure to the chemical can cause tremendous results such as staining in the skin. Moreover, both chemicals contain hydrogen peroxide – which in potent amount can be disastrous to skin.

10. Resort to a safer way of skin lightening. What does hydroquinone do to your skin? It causes a lot of unfortunate events.

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