Is Sea Salt Bad For Your Hair? Top 7 Facts

is-sea-salt-bad-for-your-hairIs sea salt bad for your hair? Imagine living in a cozy island in the Pacific with unlimited surfing hours – can sea salt be bad for your hair?

Is sea salt bad for your hair? How is sea salt and table salt different from each other? Is there any way salt can benefit my mane? What does sea salt spray do to your hair? Read on to know the top facts you definitely need to know about sea salt and your hair. The most important question of all: is sea salt bad for your hair?

1. In any hot topic regularly discussed, there are always two sides in a coin. There’s a good side as well as a bad side. Salt is known, like in the cliché, as the flavor of life. A little sprinkle here and there and you’ve got flavor to fill your fancy. However, salt has both positive and negative traits when it comes to hair.

2. Salt is generally known as good. Try to look at your favorite shampoo or conditioner. You’ll likely see salt or sodium on it, as well as other appendages to the word sodium.

what-does-sea-salt-spray-do-to-your-hair3. It’s very important to know what type of hair you have. If you’d like to experiment with kitchen ingredients, it is best to experiment if your hair is: one, has enough volume to resist damage just in case; two, not kinky since kinky is brittle enough to cause split ends; and three, never dry because dry hair can cause all the hair on your head to fall off.

4. Now, the bad side of salt. Salt is an abrasive ingredient. If you leave it on your hair for too long it can sap away moisture, essential oils, and cuticle – which might cause you shocking hair loss.

5. Of course, there’s always a science to it. Salt or sodium or anything that is of higher concentration than water can cause immediate fluid shifting. Why do fishermen rub salt on fish to preserve it? It is because salt causes tremendous fluid shifting from an area of low concentration to an area of higher concentration. This might sound gibberish but in short, it forces to sap all the moisture out – depending on the concentration of sodium.

6. With sea salt and table salt, you’re never sure how concentrated it may be. Just look at the gals spending a lot of time at sea, they have frizzy hair. Moreover, science tells us that too much of it can cause staggering results.

effects-of-sea-salt-on-hair7. The verdict, sea salt is bad for your hair. Don’t try spraying it on your mane especially if you’re not sure it will work. If you have frizzy hair, don’t add more insult. Pack on a moisturizing conditioner to return lost oil to your mane. Now, is sea salt bad for your hair? It definitely is.

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