Does Vitamin K Help Dark Circles? Top 7 Facts

does-vitamin-k-help-dark-circlesDoes vitamin K help dark circles? Dark circles are one of the hardest dark spots to remove. Here are seven facts about the miracle cure brought by vitamin K.

Does vitamin K help dark circles? What is it in dark circles that are hard to remove? What are the reasons behind hyperpigmentation? Could there possibly be a vitamin that can cure these hyper pigmented areas? What about vitamin K? Does vitamin K work for dark circles? Here are seven facts that answer the question: does vitamin K help dark circles?

1. What are dark circles anyway? Dark circles are often found under the eye. There are a lot of causes for this.

2. Dark circles are often seen in adolescents. Dark circles are hyper pigmented areas that are the result of anemia, lack of sleep, allergy, and many more. Any imbalance in the body can also cause dark circles under the eyes.

does-vitamin-k-really-help-dark-circles3. It is a usual scene that people with flu or an allergic reaction have dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are either two things: temporary or permanent. Dark circles that are temporary are often caused by imbalance in the body or sickness such as flu or allergy. When the body is dehydrated, or is anemic, the orbits in the eyes lose integrity and darken.

4. Meanwhile, people who have dark complexion, especially those in the Middle Eastern countries usually have dark circles under the eyes. These are caused by build-up of melanin in the body. Too much melanin can cause darkening of skin.

5. How can vitamin K improve this condition? Vitamin K is necessary for the blood to coagulate. This vitamin causes blood to thicken, necessary to prevent bleeding. When a person does not have enough vitamin K in the body, it is easier for the person to lose blood.

6. When a person loses blood, it is easier for him to develop anemia. With the anemia, the body does not have enough red blood cells to transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells. If cells do not get enough nutrients and oxygen, it darkens – thus causing pale skin and dark circles under the eyes.

does-vitamink-really-help-dark-circles7. To prevent this from happening, a person must invest in vitamins and minerals in the body – especially in taking vitamin K. Foods that score high in vitamin K are alfalfa, liver, fish oils and green leafy vegetables. Other sources include egg yolk, and soybean. Now, does vitamin K help dark circles? It sure does.

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