How to Get Rid of Chin Hair for Women? Facts and Tips

how-get-rid-chin-hair-womenHow to get rid of chin hair for women? Facial hair among women is probably one of the worst things included in a guy’s nightmare. Here’s how to solve it.

How to get rid of chin hair for women? Women with goatees are probably a carnie’s thing from the famous title “the bearded lady”. However, in the world of science, it is indeed possible. Check out your genetics. If your parents have it, you’ll have the chance to get it too. Moreover, look at the hair on your head. Is it thick? Women with thick brunette hair – especially Latin people – are prone to get facial hair. Moreover, medical conditions can contribute to the sad truth. Women with Cushing’s syndrome or alterations in their hormone or have high testosterone levels in the system are also prone to have facial hair. If you’re included in this small group of women to have this devastating curse, here’s how to stop hair growth on chin for women. Moreover, here’s how to get rid of chin hair for women.

Never shave. Don’t ever dare to shave your facial hair. This will cause the hair to thicken and pores to widen up. Moreover, only the end of the hair gets shaved and the bottom part of the follicle stays in place. The follicles will look like dark thick dots on your face. If you have thick hair, this will cause shaved hair too look obviously visible. This will cause massive darkening, and you don’t want to look like an obviously shaved lady. Ever seen a man who has recently shaved? You can always distinguish the outline of his beard.

Your only solution is to get as smooth as ever. Women around the world recommend plucking. However, plucking each strand of hair is time consuming. If you’re the busy type, you can go to a salon and have it immediately stripped with wax. Unfortunately, the downside for waxing is the undeniable pain as well as reddening. If you’re busy and hate pain at the same time, you can go with depilatory creams – it better than the two.


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Another solution – if you’re not sure about depilatory creams or you’re allergic to it – is threading. Threading – as any girl knows – is usually done to the eyebrows. However, it can also be done to facial hair. Remember to go to a trusted salon to have this procedure done. If you like a subtle form of waxing, you can do sugaring. If you don’t want to shed any hair at all you can bleach the hair on your skin. These are the simple steps on how to get rid of chin hair for women.

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