Oily Skin on Face? Reduce it With These Top 7 Tips

how-reduce-oily-skin-faceHow to reduce oily skin on face? Oily skin is a menacing thing to have especially when you’re out with friends or worse, with a date. Here are things you need to know.

How to reduce oily skin on face? Your skin is one of your prized possessions. It speaks of your health, hygiene, and overall look. If you look untidy, thing is, people will regularly think about you that way. Remember, first impressions last. No matter how you’ve changed for the better, people will always remind you of the person you used to be – that is an undeletable part of reality in life. Now, how to control oily skin on face? Here are seven important tips to get you an oil-free flawless face for all occasions. Read on to know how to reduce oily skin on face.

1. Wash regularly. People with oily skin tend to “overwash” to remove excess oil. However, what they don’t actually know is that oil in face increases when washed excessively. Use a cleanser that combats zits and breakouts. Use it especially during the summertime when the heat is too hot. Choose a cleanser with 2 percent salicylic acid like Neutrogena Cream Cleanser.

2. Eat wisely. Where does all the oil come from? Undeniably, the oil in your face has something to do with what you gobble during the day. Slow down on oils, cocktails, and spicy food. Rather, invest in fruits and veggies. Try carrots   spinach, and cantaloupe – such foods score high in vitamin A that slow down oil.

how-reduce-very-oily-skin-face3. Invest on a good sunblock. Remember to apply only a teaspoon of the product. Moreover, choose sunblock with oil-control properties. Slather on a mineral-based protection sunblock with micronized zinc and titanium dioxide that absorbs oil like Nia 24.

4. Slow down on foundation. Of course, if it’s winter, you’d love to pour on a generous amount of foundation. However, if its summer season and your foundation is literally melting, it can clog pores and cause excess oil.

5. Be generous to give yourself a facial spa treatment. Exfoliation is important. Most dermatologists recommend Clarisonic Cleansing System with a sonic frequency to remove dirt and oil giving you a smooth, oil-free finish.

6. If you think the cleansing system doesn’t work, try applying a mask. Choose one with salicylic acid or clay to tone down the oil on your face.

7. If the greasiness persists, try something harder like a peel with glycolic acid or salicylic. Skin experts recommend Dr. Dennis Skincare Alpha Beta Peel. With the tips above, you’ll surely know how to reduce oily skin on face.

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