How to Get Hollow Cheeks? Top 7 Tips

how-get-hollow-cheeksHow to get hollow cheeks? Angelina Jolie can be a perfect example of a person who can rock hollow cheeks. Think of Johnny Depp for men. Both are sexy with it.

How to get hollow cheeks? Most people correlate hollow cheeks with anorexia and skin aging. Of course, when the skin loses fat pads underneath the cheek, skin tends to look hollow. Moreover, older men and women experience the same thing. Why do people think this is sexy? Most models, as a type of fad, are required to be thin to fit into thin-sized clothing.

Moreover, thinner models look taller and are more pleasant to look at than those who are not. Thin models often have hollow cheeks as a result of their thinness – which has had people think it’s a sexy fad to have. Nevertheless, people have their own views. Moreover, people with chubby cheeks want to tone down a bit and go edgy with the contours of their face. How to make my cheeks less chubby? Here are seven ways on how to get hollow cheeks.

1. To get hollow cheeks quick, you need to have superb makeup skills.

2. A basic tip would be to choose a bronzer that is closest to your skin type or a few notches darker than your complexion. Feel your cheek bones from the edge of your earlobes and follow it to the end of your mandible. The soft pads in between are the fads pads that you need to hide with makeup.

3. Put on your usual foundation. Make sure that your foundation looks natural on you. Your foundation and bronzer must blend so that you wouldn’t look like Edward Scissorhands, the fictional character played by Johnny Depp, or Dracula as the makeup have high contrasting colors. It’s important to make it look as natural as possible.

how-to-have-hollow-cheeks4. Feel your cheekbone and put a few brush strokes directly beneath it. Brush a generous amount of bronzer on that area and extend it towards your mandible. Leave an inch from your lips without bronzer.

5. Take a compact powder and brush it to blend your foundation and bronzer. Apply bronzer again until it looks natural on you.

6. Wear your hair down to hide the makeup transition. Put highlights on your cheekbones to make it pop out. Put some on your T zone to give you an edgy, bony appearance. Let your lower jaw hang to elongate your face however be comfortable with it.

7. The best way to achieve hollow cheeks naturally is to lose some weight and baby fats which can be achieved with religious exercise. These are the tips on how to get hollow cheeks.

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