Best 10 Long Lasting Red Lipstick

best-long-lasting-redlipstickWhat is the best long lasting red lipstick? Red lipstick is a must in every woman’s purse. Red lipstick speaks sensuality and seductive sophistication.

What is the best long lasting red lipstick? Red lipstick is best paired with either dark eye makeup or a light one. Red lipstick paired with smoky eyes is best when you’re on a girl’s night out or on a romantic date with your hubby. Red lipstick with light eye shadow but definite cat-eye makeup is best worn on a VIP meeting. Whatever your style is, red lipstick is a necessity. Here are ten long lasting red lipstick as well as the best lipstick that stays on. Read on to the bottom to know the best long lasting red lipstick.

10. JK Jemma Kidd Lip Color. This product screams sophistication with its creamy rich formula that will absolutely make your lips pop in velvety color. Choose classic couture with lip color in Siren for a fun colourful experiment with your overall makeup.

9. Mary Kay. This lipstick comes in Red Steel to give you a steely edge as inspired by Mary Kay. It’s also packed with vitamin C and E to moisturize your lips. This particular lipstick is available in 32 shades.

8. Vincent Logo Rejuvenating Lipstick. This product comes in carnelian whisper color for a classy look with a 21st century twist. Indulge in sensuality with this phenomenal shade of red.

7. Avon Anew Youth-Awakening. This product is fortified to reduce the signs of skin aging. Moreover, this lipstick comes in a fun color to bring out the youthful glow in you.

6. Kat Von D Painted Love. You will absolutely be painted in love if you wear this lipstick with Kat Von D’s signature lipsticks. This perfect red shade comes in Hellbent red color for that ultimate woman-of-the-world look.

5. Maybelline Color Sensational. This lipstick comes in red revival for a sensational overall look. The red revival color comes in rich and luxurious red giving you a pumped up million watt smile.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte. This lipstick will absolutely make you shine like diamonds with its red taboo color. The lipstick case comes in a very beautiful design plus the lipstick inside is fortified with SPF 15 for protection against harmful UV rays.

3. L’oreal Color Riche. This product comes in Penelope’s red fortified with omega 3 to help you have healthy, radical-free lips for that sultry and undeniable sexy pout.

2. Chanel Rouge Hydrabase. This product is superior among others with its no fade, no smudge, no feather feature. It also has vitamin E to heavily moisturize your lips for a kissable pout.

best-long-lasting-red-lipstick1. Clinique Long Last. Clinique is superior among others with its Red Red Red color. It has a high-impact colorless glow that keeps lips moist for long periods of time. It also has an intense color that’ll surely make you a head turner. This is the best long lasting red lipstick.

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