Does Petroleum Jelly Help Chapped Lips? Top 5 Facts

does-petroleum-jelly-help--cure-aid-chapped-lipsDoes petroleum jelly help chapped lips? Petroleum has become every girl’s must-have, but does the product really help chapped lips?

Does petroleum jelly help chapped lips? It is undeniably important to make your lips look moisturized. Aside from the conventional lip shiner and lipstick, you need a moisturizer to lock up nutrients and moisture in your lips. Moisturizing is important than only making your lips look glossy with a lip shiner, it is also important to invest in lip moisturizers. Now, is petroleum jelly a good investment to keep your lips healthy? How to cure chapped lips? Are there any home remedies for chapped lips? What causes chapped lips anyway? Here are the top five facts when it comes to the question: does petroleum jelly help chapped lips?

1. Biting and ripping the chapped skin on your lips is not ideally healthy. If you don’t want sores, unequal color and bruising, never bite or rip the chapped skin off your lips. Instead do intense moisturizing; chapped lips are a sign that your lips don’t have enough moisture to keep skin intact.

2. Petroleum jelly is an occlusive emollient, which means that it creates an outer barrier made of oil to prevent your lips from losing moisture. When it comes to ingredients, petroleum has the combined powers of mineral oils, waxes, and paraffin. The product works to helps the skin retain its natural moisture from the inside out.

does-petroleum-jelly-help-cure-aid-soothe-chapped-lips3. What causes chapped lips? Apart from your lips losing moisture, it might also be due to extremely dry, hot weather. Although there’s no sunblock specifically intended for the lips but there are lip shiners and lipsticks with SPF protection. Don’t wet your lips with saliva because saliva will only leave your lips drier than before.

4. When it comes to home remedies, power up with an extra glass of water a day to prevent dehydration. Moreover, apply a copious amount of Vaseline on a day out – regardless if it’s windy or cold or summery. The importance of putting Vaseline when going out is approved as well as recommended by Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Gibson.

5. Is there any limitation to applying Vaseline? There isn’t. You can apply as much as you want – multiple times a day, even at bedtime – to keep your lips healthy and hydrated. You can even use petroleum jelly even if your lips are not chapped. It is more important to prevent chapping than cure chapping. Does petroleum jelly help chapped lips? Of course, it absolutely does.

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