Tips on How to Get a Curly Top for Black Men

how-to-get-a-curly-top-for-black-menHow to get a curly top for black men? There’s nothing sexier than a crooked smile, tantalizing eyes and a seductive curly top. To add, put in an authentic accent and you’ve got yourself a hunk to die for. There’s a sheer difference when it comes to hairstyle and a person must have the guts to pull off a curly top.

How to get a curly top for black men?  How to make black men hair curly? Think of popular black men you know. They either braid their hair or shave themselves bald. Think of the legendary Michael Jackson and how he had pulled off curls in the right places. How to get curly hair for black men? Here are easy steps – and tips – on how to get a curly top for black men.

Shampoo generously. If you’re naturally curly, then it’s not a problem for you. Men – and women – with curly hair generally find it hard to make their hair straight. Instead of fretting, they put on gregarious hairstyles and attempt something adventurous. Put on a huge amount of conditioner though because volume pulls the curls down and tames it somehow. It is important to tame your curls. Avoid frizz by adding volume.

Don’t scrunch. Never scrunch your curls when styling since it will only add up to the frizz. Scrunching is only possible for those with wavy hair wishing to be curly. When you shampoo, moreover, flip your head over and wash it with your head upside down. Flip your head back and let water run down the length while standing under the shower head.

When you want to apply products, don’t pour and massage. Rather, divide your hair into sections. Divide it at about two to eight sections – that also depends on the thickness of your mane. Use clips to hold on to the sections. Begin at the back of your head and work your way up to the top. Make sure you apply evenly. Moreover, make sure you have enough products to fit you to the top. Choose good products, it’s important in giving you that sexy sneer and awesome curls. KinkyCurly, Ouidad, Miss Jessie’s are just some of the products that are specially intended for black men with curly hair. After application, simply let it air dry. To add, no further touching that means no touch ups, no combing and certainly no style changes, let the product seep through hair. Lastly, enjoy your curly hair. These are simple tips on how to get a curly top for black men.

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