Do Victoria Secret Models Have Cellulite? Top 7 Facts

do-victoria-secret-models-have-celluliteModels who are working for Victoria’s Secret are incredibly beautiful but have you wondered: do they have Cellulite?  To start off, what is a cellulite and why does it bother Victoria’s Secret if their models do have it? According to skin experts, when we say cellulite, it’s the collections of excessive fats found beneath our skin specifically in our thighs, stomachs and butts. It’s like having an extra layer of your skin in those mentioned parts that make one fatter. So if you are asking if any of the models who are working for Victoria’s Secret do have Cellulite, the answer to the question would be yes. Of course they wouldn’t admit it especially to their fellow models. Why? It will cause discrimination from the bosses of Victoria’s Secret, the audience of their fashion shows, and even among the models themselves. To help you understand what exactly Cellulite is, below are a few helpful facts that you might want to know about those excessive layers of skin in the specified parts of your body and why models in general hate it:

Do Victoria Secret Models Have Cellulite? Facts 1-3

1. Cellulites are naturally caused by excessive fats in our skin. Usually, they are more common among those in their early teenage years.

2. Some people call Cellulites as “Cottage Cheese”. Why? When a woman has Cellulites especially in her butt or thighs, it looks like a piece of cheese which makes the skin lumpy and subsequently fatter.

3. Several factors can be seen as to why you have Cellulites. In fact, both men and women can have Cellulites but studies say that it’s likely that women have higher risk in developing Cellulites.

Do Victoria Secret Models Have Cellulite? Facts 4-7

4. Another reason why we have Cellulites in our body is that we might have too much fat in our skin.

5. Unfortunately, there are no known remedies for Cellulites. Most of the times, models use moisturizing creams to lessen the visibility of their Cellulites especially when they on the ramp and wearing bathing suits or thin dresses.

6. The good news is: we can avoid having Cellulites. Watch our diet and lessen the intake of fatty foods.

7. Regular exercise is another way to prevent having Cellulites. Why? You burn the extra fats in your body.

Everybody do have Cellulite especially models who are working for Victoria’s Secret. The bad news is: there is no known percent cure for that. The good news is: it can be avoided. Just a little effort is needed.

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