Does Dove Deodorant Have Aluminum? Top 7 Facts

does-dove-deodorant-have-aluminumWe all know that Dove is one of the best when it comes to skin care but, does their deodorant have aluminium?  Wait! Aluminium? Yes, aluminium. Nowadays, most deodorants in the market are containing aluminium. But the question is: do Dove deodorants contain aluminium? The answer is simple: any Dove deodorant does have aluminium. Yes, folks. You’ve read it correctly. According to studies made by skin experts, Dove deodorants, like other deodorant brands, have aluminium. But why do these deodorants have aluminium in the first place?

To start off, deodorants were invented primarily keep our underarms fresh and odour-free. And aluminium? These are materials that are usually used in metals and most of the time, aluminium make these metals shiny. And if we look at our underarms after applying deodorants that are believed to have aluminium, they look shiny, right? And what if Dove decided to stop including aluminium in their deodorants’ ingredients? Chances are, we won’t get that same clean and shinny effect that is caused primarily by the aluminium. To inform you more about aluminium-containing deodorants such as Dove, below are some helpful facts that might help you:

Does Dove Deodorant Have Aluminum? Facts 1-3

1.  According to skin experts, applying too much deodorant that contains aluminium can increase your chance of developing breast Cancer. Why? Aluminium has certain elements that can awake Cancer cells in your breasts. And keep in mind that your underarms are also near your breasts.

2. Did you know that any aluminium products can actually awake Cancer cells anywhere inside our body? In fact, aluminium is said to be fastest trigger of Cancer. And when you use deodorants that have aluminium, it’s the same thing as feeding your Cancer cells.

3. Aside from the possibility your Cancer cells in your breasts, applying too much deodorants that contain aluminium can trigger skin allergies and other skin problems.

Does Dove Deodorant Have Aluminum? Facts 4-7

4. Although skin experts are saying that some elements found in aluminium are effective against dirt and odour, too much use of these products can do more harm than good.

5. Skin experts advise customers to stay away from deodorants with aluminium.

6. There are many alternatives for deodorants such as Dove. These natural deodorants are said to be effective and contain less chemicals. In fact, natural deodorants are way cheaper compared to the leading brands such as Dove and Old Spice.

7. Some skins are sensitive. Skin experts recommend that you consult a doctor for the right type of deodorant for your skin.

Dove deodorant does have aluminium. And yes, it can cause breast Cancer. If you still want to use these types of products, then you are at risk. It’s your choice.

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