Does Lye Soap Help Acne? Top 7 Facts

does-lye-soap-help-acneLye soap is said to be functional in many aspects but, does it help solve the problem of having acne? To start things off, lye soap has many primary strengths and purposes. And like any other soap, one of the key purposes of lye soap is to cleanse our skin. It is proven by the increasing number of constant users of lye soap and the studies of skin experts that lye soap does help solve the problem of having acne. In fact, most skin experts recommend the use of lye soap against acne. With regular use, lye soap can help solve the problems caused by having acne and it can prevent having acne in our skin. Below are some facts and tips about acne and using lye soap:

Does Lye Soap Help Acne? Facts 1-3

1. Most lye soaps have no added fragrances. In short, lye soap smells nothing at all. Why? Fragrances use certain chemicals that might jeopardize the acne-eliminator functions of lye soaps.

2. Most lye soaps are made of water and lye. This is because any added chemical might do more harm than good.

3. Aside from acne, lye soap is good against dandruff, skin allergies and other skin problems. Lye soap has a high percentage of cleansing powers which eliminate germs and dust that are inside our skin.

Does Lye Soap Help Acne? Facts 4-7

4. Did you know that lye soap can also be used as a secondary choice for laundry? Yes. Lye soaps have certain chemicals that are used in laundry soaps. And yes, the results are the same or better.

5. Lye soaps are also useful in outdoors such as cleaning the cars, washing the dogs or even using it to remove grease.

6. Lye soaps are also good baits for fishing.

7. If your acne is still present despite constant use of lye soap, you may want to see a doctor. It means you have a skin problem.

Now that you know that using lye soap does help fight acne and other skin problems, make sure you have lye soap in your home. It’s better to be prepared and preventive than to suffer the skin problem that acne can cause.

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