Best 5 Sheer Red Lipstick

best-sheer-red-lipstickRed makes everything seems happy and alive, and wearing it on your lips will make you more dashing and sexy – so don’t waste any moment and look for your best sheer red lipstick now!

Having the best sheer red lipstick in your beauty kit will make you ever ready to almost any affair. You can make your self sexier, bolder, fiercer, sweet, dashing, confident and alluring by simply getting yourself always on the go with your best sheer red lipstick.

Sheer lipsticks, moisturizers, and balms are very helpful to almost all women. It’s comely to various skin type and color, and is very classy and complimenting in numerous outfits. To help you select the best sheer red lipstick that will fit your complexion and lip structure, read on…

Best Sheer Red Lipstick: 5-3

5. Barocco Red Sheer Lustrous Lipstick by Vincent Longo is one of the best sheer red lipsticks available in the market. It’s very light in weight and can make your lips vibrant and moisturized in long hours. Barocco red protects the lips from the harsh UV ray of the sun and can also make a pouting effect on it.

4. Autumn Leaves Sheer Lipstick by NARS, the fourth best red sheer lipstick in our list, is a bewitching sheer tint that contains minerals that enhances ones lips. Its ingredients are clinically developed to make its effect long lasting and shiny – promoting a sophisticated effect to anyone who wears it. NARS autumn leaves also contain antioxidants that nourish and protect the lips from various environmental toxins.

3. Burberry Rosy Red Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick is a lightweight, rich sheer lipstick that promotes an oozy lip effect to the lips. It posses high-glazed minerals and polymers that do not only hydrate the lips for hours  but also helps lip skin cells regenerate to promote a healthy and sexy looking lips.

Best Sheer Red Lipstick: 2-1

2. Vintage Wine by CoverGirl is a must have sheer lipstick. Its moisture-rich formula helps the lips become soft and toxic-free. Its vitamins A and E content keeps the lips healthy and seductive at the same time.

1. Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick and Tint Lip Treatment is the best sheer red lipstick in stock today. Wearing this sheer will definitely make your lips flirtatious and sassy. Also, having this sheer is a plus because it compliments almost all skin type and complexion. It’s very lightweight, that you can not even feel that you are wearing a lipstick.

Now that you know the best sheer red lipsticks available in the market; let us help you more in choosing one for your lips by simply reading the following tips in choosing a good sheer red lipstick.

1. Choose a lipstick that is rich in vitamin A and is mainly based from vitamin E.

2. Choose a lipstick that has SPF of at least 15.

3. Choose a lipstick that is lightweight and has enough moisturizer to avoid chapping and dryness.

4. Choose a lipstick that will compliment your completion and lip shape.

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