Is Retinol Bad For Your Skin? Top 7 Facts

Most of you have probably heard about Retinol but, is it bad for your skin? To begin with, what is Retinol and how would you know if it is bad for your skin or not? Retinol is actually a form of Vitamin A which can be found in animals including humans. Nowadays, Retinol is used in most beauty products and they have attracted many buyers due to its promises that it can make someone look younger and more vibrant.

According to some experts, Retinol is also good for your face as long as you don’t apply too much of it. As we know it, using too much of anything can lead to serious consequences. Although Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, it can be a killer to our skin cells especially if you applied too much cream or any product that contains Retinol. Retinol is said to be helpful in reducing acne and improving our vision. Also, it helps our bone and wounds heal. Retinol is said to be beneficial as long as it is used correctly. Below are some facts about Retinol:

Is Retinol Bad For Your Skin? Facts 1-3

1. Retinol can be attained by eating foods such as liver, eggs and some vegetables.

2. Retinol, as mentioned above, can slow down the process of skin aging. In fact, one of Retinol’s main functions is to aid in reproduction of skin cells.

3. After receiving Retinol, our body will store it in our liver and will only be distributed if needed.

Is Retinol Bad For Your Skin? Facts 4-7

4. Retinol is also good in protecting our skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. Sun rays add up to the rapid aging of our skin because they kill the skin cells and prevent reproduction. With Retinol, not only it will protect us from the sun, it will continue the reproduction of the skin cells, drastically delaying skin aging.

5. It is said by some skin experts that the best Retinol-containing products are night creams. Why? The sun is down at night and Retinol can act up quickly.

6.  A correct usage of Retinol can help you look younger. Retinol works better when being used correctly.

7.  There are many products in the market that are claiming to have Retinol. For the best choice, buyers are advised to ask their skin doctors on what products they should buy.

In the end, Retinol is not actually bad to your skin. You just have to follow what the experts are saying, buy the recommended products and use only what is advised. Skin aging is unavoidable but it can be delayed by using the right product that contains Retinol.

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