Best 5 Korean BB Cream for Dark Skin

best-korean-bb-cream-for-dark-skinWhat is the best Korean BB cream for dark skin? BB cream is probably one of the best inventions ever since a durable foundation. BB creams came out early in 2000 and has been popular since then.

What is the best Korean BB cream for dark skin? What does BB cream do? BB cream is like a cheap way to look airbrushed. Although not entirely cheap, but BB cream is a more economical way to look flawless and beautiful. Now, what is the best BB cream for tan skin – and for those in Southeast Asia that are often out in the equatorial hot sun? Is there any garnier BB cream for dark skin? Here is the best Korean BB cream for dark skin.

Best Korean BB Cream for Dark Skin: 5-3

5. Skin 79. Undeniably, when it comes to Korean skin, there’s not much of a problem in whitening. Koreans are naturally flawless and they practically don’t need a BB cream to look fair. They have, in fact, one of the whitest, most flawless skin in Asia – together with Chinese and Japanese. Sin 79 is a lightweight BB cream that’s soft to touch and absorbs quickly.

4. Etude Mineral. Etude House is one of the leaders in Asian cosmetics. This product specifically fits Asian skin since the maker is primarily Asian. Etude Precious Mineral produces a luminous finish with optimum pore coverage. When looking for a good BB cream, choose one that can hide huge pores.

3. Missha Signature. This product produces a lush rich texture with great coverage on skin. It also has SPF 25 to protect skin from the sun. To add, it has a wrinkle care system that prevents the early signs of skin aging.

Best Korean BB Cream for Dark Skin: 2-1

2. Caolion Sensitive. This BB cream does not contain any paraben, is non-comedogenic and swears against mineral oil. To add, it is chemical-free as it only uses natural ingredients. As the ads say it, it is not your typical BB cream. Rather, it is an effective blemish balm. It has 100% coverage on the skin, conceals pores and gives you a matte natural look. It’s airbrush without the expenses. This, by far, is the best Korean BB cream for dark skin.

1. Skinfood Jelly. There’s nothing more fun to apply than jelly pudding BB cream. The texture is different and it is easy to apply. The product easily distributes and gives the skin a rich revitalizing glow. It has SPF 20 and is considered by users as the most ideal BB cream to wear during hot, sunny weather.

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