Best 5 Long Wearing Lip Gloss

best-long-wearing-lip-glossWhat is the best long wearing lip gloss? Lip gloss simply brings the glitter to your look. Shine like a diamond by applying a generous amount of lip gloss to your lips. You have the liberty to choose an undertone but topping it off with lip gloss is majestic.

What is the best long wearing lip gloss? What is the best lip gloss that stays on? How to choose non sticky lip gloss? Here’s list of best long lasting lip gloss 2013. From Rimmel to MAC, experts have secured beauty shops to name the best long wearing lip gloss.

Best Long Wearing Lip Gloss: 5-3

5. Fresh Sugarlip Treatment. When it comes to tint plus shimmer, this lipstick simply rocks. It comes with a healing system that deeply moisturizes lips and a pout protector that locks moisture in. This is the ultimate lipstick that shines without the sticky feel. It contains sugar, a humectant that draws moisture to the skin. Moreover, it has antioxidants and black currant seed oil to help lips becomes irresistibly kissable.

4. Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet. This lipstick may sound too sweet to be true but it has a raspberry taste to fill your fancy. It contains a pink tint suitable for everyday getaway. This lipstick works best since its shine can last a day.

3. CO Bigelow Mentha. This lipstick, on the other hand, contains a minty taste giving you a cool fresh breath. This gloss goes silky and smooth with the spectacularly calming hint of spearmint. You’ll truly be blown away by this breathtaking lip gloss.

Best Long Wearing Lip Gloss: 2-1

2. Lorac Multiply. When you want to shine like diamonds, this is the gloss for you. This ultra shine lip gloss has mastered the art of holographic pigments to provide a sophisticated multidimensional shine. It’s silky, soft but never sticky.

1. Bobbi Brown. Overall and in the entirety of lip gloss, nothing compares the magic of Bobbi Brown. It comes with a bold combination of gloss and color with high depth, ultra glossy shine that comes in fun and flattering colors. Bobbi Brown Lips contains a lip gloss palette with three times the shimmer and more glossy shine. It also comes with a compact mini lip brush for last minute touch ups. It comes with three shimmery glosses with equally glossy pink tint to procure dewy and moisturized lips. Moreover, it is packed with deep moisturizing agents, vitamins and minerals to satisfy lip gloss fanatics. These five are the best long wearing lip gloss.

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