Best 5 Red Lipstick With Blue Undertones

What is the best red lipstick with blue undertones? Lipstick is undeniably a woman’s must have. However, some lipsticks are less than flattering than others. A lipstick, in its entirety, can make or break a woman’s look. Thus, it is important to know the basics in choosing a suitable lip color. Why choose something that can ruin your look? Makeup, after all, is designed to make any woman beautiful and not the other way around.

What’s the best red lipstick with blue undertones? How to choose a red lipstick? When it comes to blue based red lipstick and mac red lipstick with blue undertones, here are 5 fab finds – best red lipstick with blue undertones.

5. Catrice Stay On. Why choose a blue based lipstick? One awesome secret is that blue tones make teeth whiter. The blue-red combination yields a beautiful compliment to your skin as well as teeth.

4. Sheseido Perfect Rouge. This perfect rouge provides the perfect color combination to any color of skin – from olive to fair. To accentuate blue-based lipstick simply pat matte powder to face. For fair skin, apply bronzer generously to procure a glamorous look.

3. Catrice Rouge Satin. How to identify a blue based undertone? If  lipstick tends to brown, it is either orange-brown or purple-brown. A bright red lipstick is usuall yone that has a blue undertone. How to rock a blue-based lip if you’re fair? Choose a lipstick with a pink undertone. If you really want to experiment with blue undertones, create a contrast with your lipstick and overall makeup.

2. Maybelline Superstay. Rock a lipstick by wearing it on season. Light pink undertones do well during the summer season or spring time. You can work out a dark red color during the autumn season. Blue tones and purple undertones work well during this time. However, play safe with the eye color, remain light with the eye when trying a dark lipstick.

1. Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick – Courtisane 02. Lip size does matter. If you have small lips, be careful when experimenting with blue undertones, dark color tend to make your lips smaller. For a sexy autumn blend, put on a ruby red lipstick and a purple undertone, this is the perfect pair to work up some smoky eyeshadows. When buying, pick warm based or cool based colors. Avoid, orange-toned colors though, especially yellow-toned. You might want to buy blue-toned red lipstick to reveal the sophisticated in you. Now, when it comes to best red lipstick with blue undertones, these are the top five.

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