What Do Celebrities Use to Bleach Their Skin? 10 Tips

what-do-celebrities-use-to-bleach-their-skinMost of the celebrities use Meladerm and SkinBright to whiten their skin.

What do celebrities use to bleach their skin? Celebrities have one thing in common when it comes to skin whitening: they all have the cash to spend on numerous skin whitening regimens, consult expensive dermatologists and aestheticians, and be airbrushed every day to produce flawless, glowing skin. Whatever product they use, it pays to eavesdrop. MJ had changed tremendously. Even Beyonce has lightened a couple of shades brighter. Now, how about young star Rihanna? What bleaching cream does Rihanna use? Did Rihanna bleach her skin? Here are ten tips on the question: what do celebrities use to bleach their skin?

1. You can be pretty sure they didn’t just use a single product. Beyonce endorses a variety of products from hair to skin to make-up to clothes. Sure enough it wasn’t one single product.

2. Lighter skin is more than just skin deep. It isn’t simply one bleach brand. Hollywood skin is the result of the combined effects of whitening creams, lotions, food supplements, make-up and procedures.

3. Airbrush can indeed take you somewhere, even beyond your imaginable shade of skin color. Moreover, the photos can be drastically edited by a pro in Photoshop.

3. What do celebrities use to bleach their skin? Rihanna may or may not have bleached her skin but for sure, she had something done to perfect it, if not whiten her skin. You couldn’t be a Hollywood A-lister or an award winning song goddess if you have blemishes or zits all over you. If they indeed had, that’s the work of professional make-up artists to conceal such blemishes especially for public appearances.

4. To have Hollywood-like fair complexion, it is important to set a realistic goal. Hollywood stars are real people, too. They also started out with flaws and imperfections. However, it is undeniable that with makeup, rigorous derma procedures, special effects and Photoshop, they may tend to look way perfect.

5. Have a dermatologist of your own. Look for a pro in skin whitening. Moreover, ask for professional advice. The good doctor may suggest a treatment plan, or highly potent products for effective lightening.

6. Use sunscreen. Your everyday SPF 15 is not enough. A sunscreen is not even enough. Consult your doctor and he/she might suggest a more potent SPF, like SPF 40 and above, sunblock to completely protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

7. Stay out of the sun, other than applying protective sunblock.

8. Use dermatologist recommended skin care products or bleach. Don’t self-medicate. Contact your dermatologist for progress.

9. Monitor your success. Moreover, patience is a virtue.

10. You may compare your skin color to the stars, but remember that they have Photoshop, rigorous make-up sessions and the like. Now, what do celebrities use to bleach their skin? With a dermatologist around, it really doesn’t matter to be a copycat.

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