Can I Use Lime Instead of Lemon to Lighten My Skin? 10 Important Facts

Which is better for skin whitening, lime or lemon? Let’s find out!

Can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin? Lemon and lime are almost the same. However, there are still slight differences between the two. What are its similarities? They are both known as potent cleansing agents. Moreover, here are 10 important facts about lime and lemon – in comparison and contrast. Can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin? Here are the facts.

1. Lemon and lime are both potent cleansing agents. Both have alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that act as exfoliants. Exfoliants are good in achieving one shade lighter skin. How? Exfoliation would mean the mechanical, as well as chemical, removal of dead skin cell. Dead skin cells, in the long run, can darken skin and even permit the entry of bacteria. Dead skin cells need to be removed to expose fresher, whiter and smoother skin. Can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin? You surely can.

2. Lemon and lime are citrus fruits and the two exposes the same abilities and skill when it comes to skin whitening. Can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin? Both are equally potent in procuring the best results for skin. Lime is the nearest alternative to lemon when it comes to topical application.

3. Lemons can be likened to essential oil. It has a refreshing fragrance with effective antibacterial effects. For starters, lemon has the skill to remove excess oil. With its high citrus acid content, it can penetrate deep into pores and alleviate the pores’ firing of excess sebum or oil.

4. According to the Biomed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal, lemons are specifically indicated for the treatment of oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads, and skin conditions like acne. All in all, lemons are great exfoliants.

5. When it comes to lemon’s downside, the fruit can be extremely drying. Often enough, lemon or lemon juice are combined with moisturizing ingredients such as water, honey, almond cream, or milk cream. It is also a must to use direct lemon application sparingly, as lemon can eat through skin. With the easy exfoliation, new skin are exposed raw and sensitive and need much care to prevent allergens, irritants, UV rays, and bacteria to invade it. Thus, moisturizers are important when using lemon. To add, use the fruit sparingly.

6. Now, can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin? What is lime anyway? What is the difference between lime and lemon? For starters, lime is a, acid-tasting fruit with a green thin rind and a green flesh. Although lime and lemon are not common in the beauty world, but the effects are as potent as of those that are popular in the skin whitening world. The difference is in it nature and not necessarily in the effects it procures. Lemon and lime are the same when it comes to whitening skin.

7. Both lime and lemon contain AHAs or alpha hydroxyl acids. They are both citrus fruits and are both used for exfoliation. This would mean that both have the same warnings and precautions. For those still reluctant to use this king of method, the FDA has already approved this. Along with it, the FDA provided safety information for users of the method.

8. Regarding the question “can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin?”, lime is the most suitable alternative to lemon. The effects are the same and the potency is also the same.

9. As mentioned before use lime or lemon sparingly. Lime and lemon can be used as one of the key ingredients of bleach. Moreover, each of them can be combined with moisturizing ingredients to counteract its high acidic content.

10. Lime and lemon are both excellent when it comes to lightening skin. Both has the potent chemicals that can improve overall skin condition. Lime and lemon can be used to clean skin, exfoliate it, and whiten it in the long run. Moreover, both can penetrate deep into the epidermal layer and rid pores of dirt and unwanted bacteria. Frequent moisturizing is a must. Moreover, avoid external irritants such as harmful chemicals and sunbathing while using lime or lemon. Now, can I use lime instead of lemon to lighten my skin? You indeed can.

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