Can You Use Lime to Lighten Skin? 10 Important Facts


Is lime effective for skin whitening. Let’s find out if you can really use lime to lighten your complexion.

Can you use lime to lighten skin? What is it in lime that can lighten skin? Lime is a small acid tasting fruit with a thin green rind and green flesh. Its use is primarily for cooking and for garnishing. How can the petite fruit be of use in the cosmetic world? Here are 10 important things you need to know about lime and the question: can you use lime to lighten skin?

1. Lime is a special type of fruit. It is highly acidic and contains specific ingredients to help lighten skin. Moreover, lime can be likened to lemon, which is an equally acidic counterpart. Lime and lemon have citric acid that can help skin become lighter in a matter of weeks to a matter of months.

2. How can lime help whiten skin? Lime is a citrus fruit. Its juice can be used as an astringent to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are what make the skin look worn out and old. Moreover, dead skin cells turn dark and slough off easily. However some do not. This is why exfoliation is an important part in cleaning the skin of cellular debris.

3. Can you use lime to lighten skin? Lime has special properties that smoothen dead skin cells and removes it from the skin. The high acidic content penetrates deep into the pores and cleans it of any bacteria that thrive beneath the skin. What happens when there are bacteria? Bacteria can cause a lot of skin issues like the appearance of pimples and cause serious skin infections like dermatitis. With lime, the skin is cleansed thoroughly and dead skin cells are removed. What lies beneath dead skin cells are new cells that are cleaner, lighter and more smooth.

4. Can you use lime to lighten skin? What is the recommended procedure? Simply slice lime into half. Rub the slice onto face or any areas that has dark spots. The procedure is undeniably easy and lime is an easy spot in the grocery or food department. 

5. Can you use lime to lighten skin? How much is enough? Use sparingly. The high acidic content in lime can harm the skin too. Upon first application, dead skin cells are removed and new cells emerge. These new cells lack in melanin and are quite sensitive to heat and harsh chemical including lime. If you continue to use lime after primary exfoliation, your new skin cells are at risk for inflammation, irritation and breakage in terms of skin barrier. Use at least twice a week or less.

6. What happens when you overdo it? Lime treatment done every day can cause skin irritation and skin breakage. Infection can occur since the skin’s barrier can be easily permeated by bacteria. Bacteria thriving in the skin can cause serious skin conditions – like a new zit, or more complex situations like dermatitis. Moreover, do remember that lime can cause skin drying. So a follow up of skin moisturizers are needed. Remember to use lime sparingly and invest more in moisturizers when using lime.

7. Can you use lime to lighten skin? How about for dark spots, freckles and scars? What makes lime an effective option to lighten skin is because it has the ability to remove freckles, dark spots and even scars. How can lime do that? Scars are, of course, dead skin cells and have a different texture compared to the normal skin cell. The citrus acid in lime forces these cells to smoothen and slough off revealing new skin cells.

8. How to get rid of scars and dark spots? Simply dab lime juice directly to the area. Just remember to massage the juice a bit with a cotton or washcloth to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Use sparingly. The next session would be after a few days but remember to clean thoroughly. It is not just dabbing, exfoliation means intense cleaning.

9. After application of lime, leave for a couple of minutes. You may experience a stingy feel but that is just the effect of citrus acid to the skin. It might sting more to the corners of the nose where blackheads and whiteheads thrive but this is because pores on the nose are larger and are more sensitive. Take care to remove dirt. Wash your face before application and clean further with the use of a washcloth or cotton. After application you can wash skin with lukewarm water. Choose lukewarm and not cold since cold can easily close pores. You would want open pores to completely remove hidden debris beneath the pores.

10. Lime can easily exfoliate the epidermal layer of the skin, increase the rate of skin cell turnover and helps in removing dark pigmentations, freckles, and scars. Can you use lime to lighten skin? Yes you can.

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