Does Turmeric Really Lighten Skin? 10 Important Facts

Turmeric for skin lightening? Does this powder really lighten your skin? Let us find out. Here are ten facts.

Does turmeric really lighten skin? What is turmeric anyway? For starters, turmeric is a bright yellow spice made from the dry rhizomes of an exotic Asian plant. The Asian plant, also known as turmeric, is part of the ginger family wherein its flowers and rhizomes are dried to produce turmeric spice. The usual use for this spice is for cooking. However, in the world of cosmetics, aesthetics and skin whitening, turmeric may have promising results. There are numerous of products circulating in the market, whether online and offline. Still, natural and organic products are equally effective and even more than their synthetic counterpart.

Does turmeric lighten skin? Here are 10 important facts you need to know about the petite spice. 

1. Apart from being a good appendage to good cuisine, turmeric is also a good dye. It is known to dye clothes which might also be a reason why it is good to lighten skin. It has strong properties that can improve color not just in material but in skin cells too. Moreover, it also has its medicinal perks; it is widely used as a treatment for burns. This spice is native to South Asia.

2. When it comes to the question: does turmeric really lighten skin? Turmeric has free radicals that can easily reduce skin pigmentation and thus make turmeric a good antioxidant. How can antioxidants be of good help? Antioxidants, such as turmeric, have cleansing properties that help rid the body of free radicals that can be toxic and harmful. When these toxins are removed from the body, skin cells begin to function well and are relieved by oxidative stress.

3. How to use turmeric to lighten skin? The method is basically easy. Simply purchase turmeric powder at a local store and add in some fresh limes. You wouldn’t miss it since turmeric is widely used and is available in almost any grocery store. You can easily identity turmeric with its bright yellow, and powdery color – apart from the label that is. 

4. Does turmeric lighten skin? If you’re still at a lost in finding turmeric, you can visit Indian grocery stores or ethnic based convenient stores. Turmeric is very popular in India, you couldn’t possibly miss it in an Indian grocery store. Apart from ethnic stores, organic and health food stores are also good places to find turmeric. Although the price in organic stores might exceed a bit but you’re ensured of a chemical-free, pesticide-free turmeric product.

5. To begin the process, simply make a turmeric paste and apply it to dark areas. To do this simply mix in turmeric powder and a few drops of lime. Lime is a good additive since it has bleaching properties that can greatly improve skin complexion. How about the ratio? Simply mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with three tablespoons of lime juice. Stir until it becomes a paste. Apply as necessary.

6. After application, simply leave behind for a couple of minutes, about 15 minutes, and then wash off with water. Do not use any scrub, cleanser or soap since it will wash away the healing effects of turmeric and lime.

7. Does turmeric lighten skin? Unlike lemon paste, turmeric is different. Lemon’s acidic nature can sometimes harm skin leaving it dry and rough. Moreover, lemon must be used sparingly, at about 3 times a week. When it comes to turmeric, meanwhile, one can use it as necessary. It can be used daily until desired results are obtained. Simply remember to strain lemon or lime before mixing. Straining can do wonders since it can give you a smoother mask.

8. Moreover, to heighten the effects without drying your skin, you can mix turmeric with food oils. Food oils include olive, castor, and almond oils. Such oils can counteract the effect of lime or lemon which, according to most users, has a stingy feel upon application. Does turmeric lighten skin? There’s no ratio to turmeric and oil however, oils must be used frequently to help the skin maintain its texture without drying it.

9. When applying turmeric and oil, you can leave it overnight. Just right to let the oils penetrate deep into your dermal layer.

10. Furthermore, before leaving turmeric on skin overnight, remember that the spice can stain clothes. Simply cover your pillows, bed, mattress with old cloth to prevent unwanted stains. Does turmeric lighten skin? Yes, it definitely does.

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