Can Olive Oil Lighten Skin? Top 10 Important Facts

Almond Oil For Skin LighteningCan olive oil lighten skin? Imagine holding an expensive bottle of Extra Virgene de Oliva. Not only is it excellent for frying but is also a good appendage to salad au naturelle. However, in the world of aesthetics and beauty, it also has its own beneficial perks. Olive oil, unlike any other type of oil, contains nutrients and vitamins that provides skin of its needed nutrition. What is the magic of olive oil for skin? How to lighten skin using the said product? Could there be a homemade skin whitening cream or mask made of olive oil? When it comes to olive oil for skin whitening, here are ten important facts pertaining to the question: can olive oil lighten skin?

1. What is olive oil? No it is not a fictional character we see on the Popeye show but it is as essential as Olive Oyle is to Popeye. Olive oil is monounsaturated oil extracted from olives. Olives, for starters, is a small oval-shaped bitter fruit found in the Mediterranean areas of the globe.

2. Olive oil, throughout the ages, has been popularly used as salad dressing due to its distinctive flavour. Moreover, the said oil has also been used in the manufacture of soap and cosmetics – from concealers to make up foundation.

3. The most important thing to know about olive oil is that you can do many things with it – especially when it comes to skin aesthetics. Olive oil itself is a natural wonder. It is beneficial for the body inside and out.

4. Make yourself a homemade facial wash. The procedure is painstakingly simple. Simply dab a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and massage onto wet skin. Rub in circular motion. You will notice that whiteheads and blackheads – with consistent rubbing – are being pushed out of the pores. Wash with glycerine soap thereafter for a supple finish.

5. Rid yourself of oily skin and nasty breakouts. Olive oil has antimicrobial properties. Simply dab the product onto face and it will immediately absorb unwanted oil and sebum – skin’s natural products that usually cause zits to appear.

6. From oily skin to dry skin, olive oil is the answer. You can also use olive oil as a hydrating moisturizer. The oil has a component known as squalene, a natural skin moisturizer and regulator of the skin’s production of essential oil.

7. When it comes to the question: can olive oil lighten skin? You can mix olive oil with lemon juice and use it as a moisturizing cream to lighten skin. You can also add in a mixture of Italian parsley for added hydrating and whitening power.

8. Olive oil whitens skin through exfoliation. Add in a pinch of sea salt and use as regular facial scrub. Rub gently to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads, and dirt. Wash with glycerine soap thereafter. Exfoliation increases cellular turnover thus whitening skin.

9. Cleanse skin of oxidative stress. Skin cells find it hard to repair and regenerate when there’s too much free radicals blocking normal cellular activity. When this happens, skin cells turn dull and becomes darkened – you begin to look old and dark. Stop this by applying olive oil to skin. You can also stop UV rays from harming your skin. Can olive oil lighten skin? With effective antioxidants, it definitely can.

10. Olive oil is an excellent antioxidant. It has multivitamin components such as vitamin A, E, polyphenols, phytosterols and avenasterols. It is hypoallergenic and can be used by any skin type. It also has antioxidants that cleanse the skin of the harmful effects of pollutions, radiation, smoke, alcohol and UV rays. Expect a supple, softer, lighter, cleaner and younger skin with extra virgene de olive. Can olive oil lighten skin? No doubt about it.

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